As a leading player in some 70 markets from coast to coast, we serve over 20,000 customers of vastly different sizes. Our unique sales approach, which we call The Vulcan Way of Selling, enables us to tailor how we service customers who have specific and unique needs. We have repositioned our salesforce and approach to interacting with our customers to better leverage our nationwide presence and share best practices and real-time, forward-looking metrics. With The Vulcan Way of Selling, our sales teams are spending less time on non-selling activities and more time responding to our customers, anticipating their needs and providing solutions for the challenges they face on the job.

As a result of our focus on commercial excellence, our team was well positioned to deal with the disruption of the pandemic. Within the span of a week, we transitioned our entire salesforce to remote work and significantly enhanced our cross-functional use of data and market trends. Ultimately, we had more touchpoints with more customers than we’d ever had before — which is especially noteworthy given that our salesforce was virtual for the better part of the year. We expect to permanently implement many of the successful processes and sales tactics that we adopted when the pandemic began, including increased use of virtual sales touchpoints along with data and new solutions for our customers.