Vulcan takes pride in its responsibility to its employees, communities, and the environment. We look to foster the talent and growth of our people by helping build leadership skills, enhancing employee engagement, providing comprehensive training, and emphasizing diversity and inclusion. Investing in and empowering our workforce creates a highly engaged team and sustainable, long-term value.

We invest in our communities through support of many important civic and cultural programs from the Vulcan Materials Company Foundation, through countless employee volunteer hours in community programs, and with our industry-leading Adopt-a-School program, among other initiatives. The Vulcan Foundation focuses support on education and environmental stewardship initiatives, and on our employees’ involvement in the communities where we operate and live.

Similarly, we believe that superior environmental stewardship not only drives long-term results, it is the right social and business policy. We see land use as a privilege granted to us by the community, and we are stewards of our land holdings so that they have long-term community value well beyond the interim period of active mining. We are also deeply engaged in a variety of initiatives that will continue to improve our management of energy consumption, combining environmental and economic benefits. Although not a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions as determined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, we continue to reduce them through new investments and more efficient operations and transportation equipment and processes. We are focused on being responsible stewards of water usage, with an emphasis on closed loop and recycling processes that minimize water consumption. Our stewardship programs are designed to protect the environment while also strengthening relationships with our communities, customers, regulators, and employees.


Vulcan has made significant improvements in its carbon footprint over the years, investing heavily in fuel efficient mobile equipment and heightening its focus on operating efficiency.

From 2016 to 2018, Vulcan has invested $140 million in Tier 4 mobile equipment or mobile equipment engines, with new fleet particulate, NOx and SO2 emissions reductions of more than 90 percent. Our new state-of-the-art ships for Gulf of Mexico transportation are significantly more fuel efficient than the prior fleet.

Responsible Water Usage

Every site Vulcan operates has unique environmental traits that call for tailored, site-by-site stewardship strategies and operations. Vulcan’s focus on water re-use and recycling reduces its impact on available water in its communities and minimizes wastewater discharge. Unlike metal mines, there is no toxicity associated with by-products from Vulcan quarries — only rock dust and particles that can be reclaimed
from water re-use and recycling initiatives.

McCook Quarry
At our McCook Quarry in Illinois, Vulcan uses on average up to 170,000 gallons of recycled water per day.

Stockbridge Quarry
Automated dust suppression valves and road sprinkler valves at our Stockbridge Quarry in Georgia reduce dust and protect the health and safety of our employees and the community.

Environmental Conservation

Vulcan is committed to first-class environmental conservation, as evidenced by its citation-free environmental inspection rate of over 98 percent. Vulcan takes a long-term view of its operating sites, focusing not just on the present, but on repurposing
the land for community use after a quarry’s life cycle.

During 2018, Vulcan maintained 44 wildlife habitat sites, as certified by the international Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC)

Bellwood Quarry
Following the completion of mining, our Bellwood Quarry was acquired by the City of Atlanta as the centerpiece of the Beltline Park project and as a water reservoir with the capacity to hold 2 billion gallons of water.

Crystal Lake
At Crystal Lake in Illinois, our sand and gravel operation was reclaimed and turned into a lake and recreation park facility for the community.

Employee Development and Growth

At Vulcan we invest in our people, giving them essential training, guidance, and support they need to develop, excel, and advance. We foster an environment of diversity and inclusion that enables us to attract, grow, and retain the best talent possible. Our people are our most important resource, and we believe they are at their best working in a culture of mutual respect and integrity that nurtures their growth.

We seek to identify and promote the growth of well-rounded individuals who are leaders, with sound business judgment, strong ethical values, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Recognized in 2018 as a “Women on Boards” winning company


Hours of leadership and supervisory training for managers in 2018


Hours of employee training in 2018


Hours dedicated to safety and health training in 2018


Vulcan hires in 2018 who were diverse⁸


Vulcan’s workforce that is diverse⁸


Vulcan’s workforce that is female

TOP 10% overall organizational health score⁹

Organizational health is the best indicator of an organization’s capacity to excel. Companies with leading health scores deliver on average 3x greater TSR over time.⁹

Shared Vision

Vulcan has a clear strategic vision that is understood and shared by its employees

Effective Leadership

Vulcan’s management models the values of the company and demonstrates supportive and challenging leadership

Great Place to Work

Vulcan’s “family” work environment influences positive behaviors and encourages retention

7 Scope 1 = Direct Greenhouse Gas Emissions, less transportation and international operations.
8 Diversity based on ethnicity and gender.
9 Source: McKinsey & Company’s Organizational Health Index, June 2017. The Organizational Health Index utilized by Vulcan in 2015 and again in 2017 is a proprietary survey conducted by McKinsey & Company that measures the extent to which habits and practices are recognized by employees. The results are benchmarked against over 5 million respondents representing 1,700 engagements. For more information see