Vulcan Materials Company spends ~$2 billion on goods and services – ranging from liquid asphalt to tires to office supplies. We have over 10,000 suppliers and handle roughly 2,000 transactions every day across the country. Given the size of our business, it is vitally important to optimize the sourcing and procurement process. We have continued to innovate, streamline and refine our processes, and we still see opportunity, both in serving our people and in saving shareholder dollars:

  • Serving: We are focused on ensuring that our plant managers and our frontline operating teams have the materials they need, when they need it, to do what they do best, efficiently driving our operational excellence and keeping our people safe.

  • Saving: We take total ownership of costs, thinking and acting strategically as we serve our plants across the country.

When we optimize how we serve and how we save, we’re more in control of our Cost of Goods Sold (“COGS”), and ultimately more in control of Vulcan’s profitability. A great example of our focus on controlling costs is our increased reliance on renewable energy sources. Recent solar and battery storage initiatives in California, the Community Solar project in Florida, and our purchase of electric energy generated from landfill gas in Virginia are all examples of Vulcan’s commitment to reduce our carbon footprint, enhancing our efficiency and our bottom line. As a result of these efforts, Vulcan is significantly cutting costs associated with energy, saving money, and finding new ways to reduce emissions at our plants.